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  • Aug 12
  • Products
  • Antimice Product
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I purchased a reddex plus to get rid of a mice that have stayed at the house for over a year. I don't want to kill it; i just want it to find a new home. Purchased though amazon on june 5. And i have used it for 2 months and the mice dropping is still there. Just felt deceived and unhappy with the purchase. Wish I had gotten a better product. It said that one of these will cover a small... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Riddex
  • Jul 18
  • by anonymous
  • #511785

I think it may have worked perfictly. Just that as soon as I pluged it in and turned it on it felt like my ears were about to pop, and I get a continual headache till I unpluged it.... and it takes 10 to 20 minutes to get it to stop, sadly. I think its just because I have really good hearing. Word of advise for those that do, might want to only turn it on while you're gone. ^-^ I only wanted to... Add comment

  • From mobile
  • Riddex
  • Jul 07
  • by anonymous
  • #507190

Your plugins are not whether a dam. The bugs claim in the outlets.not wheth the money I paid for them Add comment


  • Jun 11
  • Appliances and Electronics
  • Kennewick, Washington
  • Riddex Pro
  • 7
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  • 1793

I've been using this thing for a while now, and it occurred to me; "Generates an electro-magnetic field" .. 'hmm', i said.. 'surely, such a field could be measured'. Nothing. No field was generated by the Riddex Plus. 'Well now, this is interesting, maybe something is wrong internally.' So i gutted the thing apart and Lo-and-behold.. The primary wire on the Copper-coil-to-transistor circuit... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Riddex
  • Jun 09
  • by anonymous
  • #495472

I didn't work instead of running away the roaches ran to it Add comment


  • Jun 02
  • Social Networks
  • Arlington, Texas
  • Order Change
  • 224

i have been trying to change my order for the correct amount that i had purchaes. the recoarding on the coustomer service answering machine saids the office is closed for memorial day , but today is june the 2nd what the *** is going on . It make me think that you are not on the up & up as far as me needing to change my order. i need you to check the message on the phone line it is not the... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Riddex
  • May 07
  • by anonymous
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I think Riddex is fantastic. Been using this product for 21 years and have never needed to have my house sprayed. I live in TX. I wouldn't be without this product. Add comment


  • Aug 31, 2013
  • Products
  • Riddex
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  • 683

I bought riddex online i entered my credit information and the sale was automatically completed with a $18 shipping charge for a 5 ounce item. I plugged in the riddex and in the following days saw roaches crawling all over riddex. In fact it appeared to be attracting roaches. roaches seem to love it. they made a home in it.After trying it for a couple of months i threw it in the garbage because... Read more

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  • Aug 30, 2013
  • Online Shopping
  • Galveston, Texas
  • Delivery
  • 218

on july 22,2013 i contacted reddexpulse and placed an order. I was charged $115.00 FOR TWO REDDEXPULSE, but as of today's date (8/30/2013) nothing has been delivered. I received a phone call about two and a half weeks ago and was told that the product had been sent. I paid extra to get t delivered in five to seven days but nothing has been delivered. At this time, all i want is my money back.... Read more

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  • Aug 13, 2013
  • Household Services
  • Montreal, Quebec
  • Riddex Pulse
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  • 281

I bought a plug in device from you, a riddex plus, through Groupon.ca. I have tried it to repel mice: didn't work at all and they even nested just beside it! I have tried it against skuns and raccoons and didn't work either. They kept coming just beside it and didn't seem to be even bothered by it. So, is this product just a way to extort money from naive customers?? I am definitely not happy... Read more

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