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  • Sep 28
  • Advertisements and Cons
  • Tennessee, United States
  • Tank Pump
  • 537

Had my tank pumped on 12/18/13. I used rid-ex about every 5 weeks afterward. Got a septic smell in my house 8/25/2014. Pulled the lid on my tank and it was full of solids. The pump guy said using rid ex caused the problem. After 9 months of using rid ex it is clear to me that rid ex does not work but actually makes it worse. I thought , rid ex is expensive so it's got to be good. wrong! I have... Read more

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  • Aug 12
  • Products
  • Antimice Product
  • 2
  • 2
  • 1705

I purchased a reddex plus to get rid of a mice that have stayed at the house for over a year. I don't want to kill it; i just want it to find a new home. Purchased though amazon on june 5. And i have used it for 2 months and the mice dropping is still there. Just felt deceived and unhappy with the purchase. Wish I had gotten a better product. It said that one of these will cover a small... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Riddex
  • Jul 18
  • by anonymous
  • #511785

I think it may have worked perfictly. Just that as soon as I pluged it in and turned it on it felt like my ears were about to pop, and I get a continual headache till I unpluged it.... and it takes 10 to 20 minutes to get it to stop, sadly. I think its just because I have really good hearing. Word of advise for those that do, might want to only turn it on while you're gone. ^-^ I only wanted to... Add comment


  • Jul 07
  • Products
  • Durham, North Carolina
  • Plugins
  • 129

Your plugins are not whether a dam. The bugs claim in the outlets.not wheth the money I paid for them Read more

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  • Jun 11
  • Appliances and Electronics
  • Kennewick, Washington
  • Riddex Pro
  • 7
  • 7
  • 2737

I've been using this thing for a while now, and it occurred to me; "Generates an electro-magnetic field" .. 'hmm', i said.. 'surely, such a field could be measured'. Nothing. No field was generated by the Riddex Plus. 'Well now, this is interesting, maybe something is wrong internally.' So i gutted the thing apart and Lo-and-behold.. The primary wire on the Copper-coil-to-transistor circuit... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Riddex
  • Jun 09
  • by anonymous
  • #495472

I didn't work instead of running away the roaches ran to it Add comment


  • Jun 02
  • Social Networks
  • Arlington, Texas
  • Order Change
  • 291

i have been trying to change my order for the correct amount that i had purchaes. the recoarding on the coustomer service answering machine saids the office is closed for memorial day , but today is june the 2nd what the *** is going on . It make me think that you are not on the up & up as far as me needing to change my order. i need you to check the message on the phone line it is not the... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Riddex
  • May 07
  • by anonymous
  • #486426

I think Riddex is fantastic. Been using this product for 21 years and have never needed to have my house sprayed. I live in TX. I wouldn't be without this product. Add comment


  • Aug 31, 2013
  • Products
  • Riddex
  • 3
  • 3
  • 945

I bought riddex online i entered my credit information and the sale was automatically completed with a $18 shipping charge for a 5 ounce item. I plugged in the riddex and in the following days saw roaches crawling all over riddex. In fact it appeared to be attracting roaches. roaches seem to love it. they made a home in it.After trying it for a couple of months i threw it in the garbage because... Read more

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  • Aug 30, 2013
  • Online Shopping
  • Galveston, Texas
  • Delivery
  • 271

on july 22,2013 i contacted reddexpulse and placed an order. I was charged $115.00 FOR TWO REDDEXPULSE, but as of today's date (8/30/2013) nothing has been delivered. I received a phone call about two and a half weeks ago and was told that the product had been sent. I paid extra to get t delivered in five to seven days but nothing has been delivered. At this time, all i want is my money back.... Read more

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