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  • Mar 07
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Ehm, roach doesn't look too bothered, does it now? Add comment

I purchased 1 unit for a closet in my school where unfortunately I reside in not having a classroom. There are cockroaches and large brown water bugs. Since putting this unit in the closet, NO MORE BUG in my boxes or on shelves. NOTE: WILL NOT WORK IF YOU BLOCK THE UNIT!! YOU MUST GIVE CLEARANCE WITH NOTHING IN FRONT OF THE UNIT TO WORK PROPERLY. Directions specify this clearly. If anything is blocking any part of the unit, it will not... Read more

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I purchased this item hoping to rid of the roaches. I just moved in and it seem to make the problem even worse. I cannot believe that this product is still on the market when it does not do what it was offered. I want my *** money back!!!!!!!! Read more

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  • Riddex
  • May 29, 2015
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Roches walk all over the riddex boxes and nothing..does not work on mice andspiders either.. sucks Add comment

I purchased two of them for $1 a piece don't have bugs or mice but I do have some *** nasty neighbors that leave their trash out for weeks at a time.Hopefully this product will work and make these *** move A.S.A.P. !!!!!!!!!!! Read more

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  • Jan 12, 2015
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Got 2 of them to keep away roaches didnt work found out when i moved them roaches was living behind the riddex wall units. I got ripped off Add comment

They said it got rid of roaches but it made more come. Read more

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Had my tank pumped on 12/18/13. I used rid-ex about every 5 weeks afterward. Got a septic smell in my house 8/25/2014. Pulled the lid on my tank and it was full of solids. The pump guy said using rid ex caused the problem. After 9 months of using rid ex it is clear to me that rid ex does not work but actually makes it worse. I thought , rid ex is expensive so it's got to be good. wrong! I have had several pumping services tell me to just add... Read more

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I purchased a reddex plus to get rid of a mice that have stayed at the house for over a year. I don't want to kill it; i just want it to find a new home. Purchased though amazon on june 5. And i have used it for 2 months and the mice dropping is still there. Just felt deceived and unhappy with the purchase. Wish I had gotten a better product. It said that one of these will cover a small house. We use it on the manufactured home (1400 sq... Read more

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  • Jul 18, 2014
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I think it may have worked perfictly. Just that as soon as I pluged it in and turned it on it felt like my ears were about to pop, and I get a continual headache till I unpluged it.... and it takes 10 to 20 minutes to get it to stop, sadly. I think its just because I have really good hearing. Word of advise for those that do, might want to only turn it on while you're gone. ^-^ I only wanted to give you my opinion. Add comment

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